The LENA team will bring together researchers in fields as diverse as signal and image processing, machine learning and astrophysics. It is composed of the following members:


Permanent researchers:

Jérôme Bobin – PI

Sandrine Pires – Signal processing/Astrophysics


PhD students:

Aurore Blelly (in co-supervision with Hervé Moutarde) – Signal processing and application to LISA

Remi Carloni – Component separation and radio-astronomy

Paul Malfrait – Signal processing and gamma spectrometry



Isabella Carucci – Astrophysics / Radio-interferometry-EoR



Kouamé Yao – Learning and application to LISA

Deyvi Zuniga-Vilgapoma – Manifold learning and applications in imaging


Former members:

Cécile Chenot – Signal processing – Now at Thales

Matthieu Bovery – Machine learning

Imane El-Hamzaoui – Component separation – now

Joana Frontera-Pons / Learning and applications

Christophe Kervazo – now at Telecom ParisTech

Melis Irfan – Astrophysics / Analysis of the Planck data – now at Cape Town University

Hugo Lebeau – Signal processing and applications to neutronic imaging

Tobias Liaudat – Matrix factorization – now at CEA

Arnau Pujol – Astrophysics / Machine learning in Euclid – now at Univ. Barcelona

Florent Sureau – now at SHFJ – CEA Saclay

Yarui Zhang – Machine learning – now at Supelec

Christophe Kervazo – Machine Learning – now at Univ. Mons

Jiaxin Xu – Matrix factorization and applications



Antoine Drouart

Hervé Moutarde

Julien Fade

Fabio Acero

Adrien Picquenot

Ming Jiang

Anne de Vismes Ott

Christophe Bobin

M-A Mivilles-Deschenes

Isabelle Grenier

Cheick Thiam